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there's too much STUFF on the internet

2007-07-18 16:36:08 by Silent-G

Hello all of you bored Newgrounds users out there that have nothing better to do but check out this cool new news post system, and read what useless nonsense people think everyone wants to read. Anyway I'm really happy they included a way to post on the front page, even though I'm sure most people don't even look at this stuff, and I'm sure most of you have felt like that a lot of the time, like whenever you make a flash animation that gets ignored but is still moderately cool, or when you make a song that happens to not give people a headache, but they still don't want to listen to. I feel like this pretty much any time I create something and try to share it on the internet, like there's so much crap out there that all looks and sounds the same, but people like it just because, and so I started my own website, mostly just to clump all my crap I make into one place. Then I thought, there's got to be other people doing this same thing and not getting noticed. So I decided to open up my website to everyone, so that you can all share your stuff that doesn't get noticed, whether it be a flash animation that was denied from the newgrounds portal, or a song you made that no one will listen to, or a movie, a comic, a story, a review, pretty much anything that is possible to be sent through internet tubes you can share with other people like you on my website.

I'm not trying to persuade you to leave newgrounds, I think newgrounds is a great place to share stuff that artists make, but if you ever feel the portal is getting clogged with too much repetitive stories and animations, feel free to show it off in a currently empty community where its sure to get noticed by far more people. Silent Magazine


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2007-07-18 17:30:07

You know fuck you and your front page blawgs, get on aim you fat dick.

<3 you.

Silent-G responds:

you dont have the right to tell me how fat my dick is.


2007-07-18 17:38:18

So basically, because all your mediocre stuff gets ignored you're making your own newgrounds so you can be the big cheese and have everyone like your stuff just because you're the boss....

Silent-G responds:

no, its more like you have horrible reading comprehension. In no way would I be able to recreate newgrounds, this site is way to advanced for anything I could create. I'm just saying I'm sure everyone here has experienced rejection and being ignored, especially on the internet since theres too much stuff on it. I made a smaller place where people can share more things if they want. It's like, would you rather have to shout over the entire earth just to get recognized by a few people, or would you rather talk at a more reasonable level in a smaller area and get your message across to the same amount of people?


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