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been gone

2009-11-16 07:26:38 by Silent-G

haven't been on newgrounds in a while. been working on some new tunes, a friend of mine is hopefully going to start writing some vocals soon, and then I need to work on getting them recorded. been tight on cash lately so no new toys, I plan on eventually getting a new hd video camera, a midi keyboard, and a mic to record with. I'll also hopefully be finally getting a car and drivers license by the end of the year which will be nice since I'm trying to date this girl that lives about an hour away from where I live.

I'll leave you with a video of me dancing in a bear suit to single ladies for my friend's birthday.

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that's what happens when your friends give you a bottle of wine and a bear suit.

been gone

my dick

2009-08-24 00:50:03 by Silent-G

my dick
has it's own twitter

your dick
got covered in glitter

banned again

2009-07-15 04:00:06 by Silent-G

for what was thought to be "unnecessary" use of the word faggot, which first of all isn't even a word, the correct spelling is fagot, and second of all the use of this word was completely necessary. 82142

current projects part 2

2009-07-10 17:35:51 by Silent-G

so I only managed to finish my projectionist training, which is a great accomplishment because now I'm working less days and getting payed more. Also I don't have to deal with dumb ass customers any more. And the only project that is still on, is my epic fantasy novel, which I hopefully will have more time to do with working less days, and having so much free time at work. I'm just kind of pissed that I didn't finish any of my other projects. Oh well, at least I know now that I need to work harder on developing some self motivation.

that's not how deadpool works

2009-05-01 06:29:26 by Silent-G


just to reiterate, this news post contains spoilers for the new X-Men film.

Okay so, I am a pretty big fan of the Marvel character Deadpool, just like everyone else who knows who Deadpool is. You probably either love Deadpool, or don't know enough about him. So naturally when I found out that Ryan Reynolds was going to play Wade Wilson (Deadpool) in the new X-Men movie, I decided I was going to go see the midnight showing. So I go, and am pleased to see that Ryan Reynolds portrays Wade Wilson in the way I know and love him from the comic books. But then, suddenly, at the end, I see what looks like Wade Wilson lying on an operating table being turned into what William Stryker is calling "weapon eleven," "the pool," and "the dead pool." and this thing, that I refuse to believe is actually Wade Wilson, that's lying on the table, has his mouth sewn shut and his head shaved. So this weapon eleven thing wakes up and it turns out he has a bunch of powers which include Wolverines Healing factor, two full length retractable swords that come out of his knuckles, John Wraith's teleportation power, and Cyclops's laser eyes. So this weapon eleven thing fights wolverine and sabertooth and wolverine kills it by choppin of it's head. So I was like, why the fuck did Stryker call it Deadpool at one point, and why did it look like Wade Wilson. and if that was Wade Wilson how the fuck are they going to make the Deadpool movie that is apparently already written.

conclusion is that I'm really pissed that Ryan Reynolds isn't in the end of the movie at all, and that I probably have to wait ten years to ever see him do something as awesome as play Wade Wilson again. But now I have to constantly reassure myself that Wade Wilson was not turned into the pile of shit that was weapon eleven, and that he was frozen and weapon eleven just happens to look like him because they used most of his DNA to make fuck face eleven shit head thing.

apparently there is an alternate secret ending that I didn't see because I got the stupid ending with Logan in China or wherever, where Deadpool picks up his head and it has a mouth.

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I'm still a bit pissed off though because this ruins the whole Deadpool origin continuity if they make a Deadpool movie. but at least it shows that they are trying to fix it.

that's not how deadpool works

current projects

2009-04-12 03:58:11 by Silent-G

these are the current projects I am working on.
- art website for Natalie Schoch
- epic fantasy novel
- music project with Rory Flay
- possible t-shirt artwork for some guy I can't find on the internet
- projectionist training
- another webcomic that hopefully wont fail
- comic for friend's birthday

I'm starting to work a lot harder on projects I start, and I'm hoping I will actually follow through with most of these, it's time for me to grow up and get shit done.


2009-04-09 14:24:57 by Silent-G

happy birthday.


long awaited ban

2008-08-07 03:22:35 by Silent-G

Well I've finally been banned. I think it's been maybe a year or something. Can't say I'm surprised though, just unprepared. See, I haven't had internet for the past week because I just moved into a new place and we're still getting things all set up there. This week I'm dog sitting for my sister and using her computer, so I'm out in the middle of no where with no one on the BBS to talk to and listening to creepy electronic music.

haha, just kidding. I am banned, but there's only an hour left. OH SHIT WAADO AH DO FO AN HOUR!?

long awaited ban

new webcomic!

2007-12-17 01:53:02 by Silent-G

yeah, so I started a new webcomic called Blue & Green, it's just these two guys talking about stuff. If you've ever read Dinosaur Comics you'll recognize a slightly similar style, also the fact that the frames never change from episode to episode, only the dialog, but I assure you, this allows me to focus more on the writing, thus creating a more funny comic.

It's hosted on Smack Jeeves, which is a pretty nice host considering they don't put ads on any of your pages. although the template editing is a bit complicated I'm going to try and find out a way to change up some stuff on it to make it more personalized.

new webcomic!

guitar. writing. animating?

2007-09-12 21:28:26 by Silent-G

yeah so I decided to take a guitar class through my school. It's pretty cool, but we're learning really simple songs right now, and it's mostly freshmen kids, who I swear get shorter every year. But I learned the basics of tab, and I've looked up how to play a couple simple songs, or at least the intro parts to some songs. I really want to learn how to play some RHCP songs, but after looking up some of those tabs I can tell it's going to take a lot of practice before I can play something that sounds a little bit like RHCP.

I've also started writing, mostly for my English class, which I happen to like this year. But I decided to start this thing where I would write about existentialism and stuff to sort of help people be happier in their every day life, and post them around my school, and they say "Don't read this" at the top in big letters to try and use reverse psychology. My dad printed out about ten of these, and I think I might post them tomorrow. I'm also going to sign all of them Silent-G, so people at my school don't know who is writing them.

I've been thinking about starting to animate like all the other times that I've thought that, and tried, and failed horribly. But I think I'm going to try and take a few of my good comics and animate them in flash if I can. I guess it's just going to take a lot of practice, like the guitar.